Get Control. Leverage Your Time...

with our all-in-one sales process strategy + software + group coaching that actually works for your business so that you don't have to figure it out yourself.

What would it be like to have an an all-in-one customized sales and marketing-focused CRM system + strategy + software + group coaching program that fits your business like a glove, frees up your time, automates, centralizes, and systematizes your entire sales process so leads never fall through the cracks again and you convert more prospects into paying clients?

(without having to do all the work yourself or feel like you need a computer science degree to figure it all out)

Even if you have the best products and/or services,

you will leave a ton of profit on the table if you don't maximize your sales and marketing activities.

It's a fact -- businesses that manage/control their most important sales and marketing activities (like reviews/reputation, list, repeat customers, sales pipelines, and communication/nurturing) dominate in their local area.

  • What to do when your marketing isn't working (you need this one thing).
  • Why thinking your Google rating will take care of itself is a really bad idea.
  • When to ask for a review and most importantly, when NOT to ask (it’s not what you may think)
  • Where are the customers and how to ensure you get them coming to you…instead of your competition.
  • Who made up the phrase “feedback economy” and why it should matter to you?
  • How you can stop your competition from kicking your butt on Google local search!

How to get control over your reputation, sales, and marketing, stop wasting time and money, and start dominating your local area instead of your competition dominating you.

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Growth, revenue , and profit

Get control. Start maximizing your time and money.

Simple, Affordable, and Effective Marketing

  • Do this one thing or you may put your entire business at risk.
  • What successful food service business owners do first before asking for a review…that unsuccessful business owners do not.
  • When you worry about a customer leaving a bad review, take out your cell phone and then…
  • How to get more customer reviews - by not asking for more customer reviews
  • When you follow the “Warren Buffet reputation formula” you can build your business just like billionaires do.
  • We use powerful software to automate the same sophisticated and proven NPS framework pioneered by multi-billion dollar Management Consulting firm Bain & Company that replicates what their Fortune 500 clients do in a shockingly simple way and for a fraction of what big consulting firms charge.
  • Basically, imagine a robot, that repeats the same proven process over and over without needing to be looked after. It doesn’t need a break. It doesn’t complain. Our strategy is that robot will dramatically improve your Google Business Listing results.
  • That means there’s no more worry. No missed opportunities or risk of being severely impacted by a bad review that sends your business into a spiral it can never recover from.

Are You Trying To Be The Fire Chief...or Do You Feel Stuck as The Firefighter?

Our intentions are good. Our actions, unfortunately, are often different.

  • Do you sometimes dread getting up in the morning feeling like you always have to do all of the work?
  • Are you worried that, if you don't get control over your business and start acting like the fire chief, your business may go up in flames...or you may just get burnt out? How awful would that be?
  • What if you had a system that could generate more customers, convert more prospects into customers, and never let leads fall through the cracks...ever again?
  • How glorious would it be to leverage your time to do the things you love because you have control over your sales and marketing process?


"It's working! Got a lead, quick call, put into system and it was done. Totally automated."

Andrew L. Business Owner

"It has systematized and leveraged my business so I can scale. It's really working!"

Breanne S. Business Owner

"I just took my first prospect through the process... It's fantastic!"

Kevan H. Business Owner

"Working with William & Hill and the team has been a game-changer for me."

Shonah J. Business Owner

"Your passion for this stuff is obvious and it shows how much you care about what you do."

Wayne T. Business Owner

"I would literally be having a fitness yard sale if it wasn't for your help."

Brienne L. Business Owner

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