We sell 2 reports. The first report is by industry niche. It's best for those who are interested in buying, selling, or starting a small business and need to understand the current value/potential value of a business (by industry niche).

The second is a seller report. It's personalized or "customized" and designed to help a seller in justifying a selling price. It provides specific information about your business (name, address) and details why the asking price is what it is.

To purchase a report, please complete the form below.  We'll send you an invoice via PayPal. Once we've received payment, we'll send you the report. Please allow up to 48 hours for us to generate an up-to-date report. Thank you. 


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Directions: Please complete the above form. In the "report type" field, type one of the following:

  • Single Report $399 (normally $499!)
  • 3 Reports $699
  • 5 Reports $799
  • Custom Seller Report $599 (normally $699!)

For custom reports, either call us at 931.292.4953 or add the following information to the message box:

  • Business name
  • City, State
  • Last 12 Month Revenue
  • Last 12 months SDE (owner benefit)
  • Asking price (unless you want report to generate a value/range of value amount).