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Your very own digital marketing platform that you control. Also, learn the dirty secrets marketers don't want you to know (and are costing you/your stakeholders lots of money).

Benefits Include: Increase the Value of Your Company (own your accounts...all of them) Save Money (convert more prospects). Save Time (automate the process). Make Money (keep clients longer). Be In Control...Complete Control (manage the platform and manage the experience).


Platform Only: Starting at $497 mo.

  • FREE Demo (45 mins)
  • FREE 2 Week Trial
  • FREE 4R Marketing Audit (5 min survey)
  • FREE 4 Secrets to Achieving and Maintaining Marketing and Operational Brilliance + BONUS! (pdf)
  • FREE DYS (Double Your Sales) 90 Minute Discovery Session
  • FREE 7 Fundamentals of Digital Marketing (short video)
  • Unlimited accounts
  • Comprehensive & Live 24/7 DIY Platform/SaaS Support, Help Videos, and MORE!
  • Optional: Customized & Proprietary Digital Marketing Platform (expected 60-90 day build/roll-out. cancel anytime.)+ $3,500 per mo. (includes 12 managed accounts)
  • Optional: Account customization, training, management, and comprehensive support: + $397 per account, per mo. (You/stakeholder bear/share account fees. beta + "tin bucket" groups)
  • Optional: Group Onboarding: + $397 (per account). Individual Onboarding: + $997
  • Optional: Weekly Brainstorming Sessions (included with customized digital mktg platform)
  • Optional: 2 Nurturing Campaigns (build, test/measure, & optimize. Included w/account management)
  • Additional optional services are listed below
  • *Plans are designed for businesses with multiple locations, franchisees, vendors, dealers, independent reps, etc)


Platform + Strategy*: $6,750 mo. + $497 mo. for SaaS

  • 90 Day Growth Accelerator (Three 1 day virtual meetings or 6 1/2 virtual day meetings). On-site option is available.

* Strategy ONLY option is available. Includes EVERYTHING except for the platform.


Both Plans Include:

  • 90 Day Commitment. After 90 days, cancel anytime.
  • All data is owned by the account holder.
  • CRM & Contact Management ($49-299+ mo. value)
  • SMS/Text Marketing & Communication ($99 mo. value)
  • Email Marketing & Communication ($99 mo. value)
  • Booking, Scheduling, Appointments, and Calendars ($29 mo. value)
  • Website & Funnel/Landing page Builder ($29-$199 mo. value)
  • Call Tracker & Soft Phone / Web Based Calling ($89 mo. value)
  • Mobile App
  • Tracking & Analytics ($49 mo. value)
  • Prospect Grouping
  • Reporting Dashboard
  • Email Templates
  • Forms & Surveys ($49 mo. value)
  • Deal/Lead Analytics
  • Stripe Integration
  • 7 Fundamentals of Digital Marketing ($10,000+ value)
  • WebChat widget/feature
  • 10 "team members" per account
  • Detailed Contact Fields & Customs Fields
  • Conversations Mgmt.
  • Tasks & Activities
  • Live Support ($99 mo. value)
  • Ad Management Integration
  • Tasks & Activities
  • Reputation Management ($59-149 mo. value)
  • Listings Mgmt (optional service +$49 mo.)


Additional Optional Services Include:

  • Onsite implementation available (up to $1,250 travel expenses per session)
  • Weekly dedicated Marketing. meetings
  • Marketing project management
  • Email & Text Campaign Management
  • Website & Landing Page Creation and Management

Save Time...

Automate virtually your entire sales process so you, your stakeholders (franchisees, dealers, independent reps, etc don't have to spend time sending emails, creating tasks, and manually managing EVERY single prospect you all have on your radar screen.

Save Money...

Stop using (and paying for) tech/software you don't need. Leverage our platform for less money than our competition. Use our platform to automate tasks you and your stakeholders manually do now (or have someone else do)...so you can more effectively utilize human resources, technology, etc.

Make Money...

Follow our proven and guaranteed 90 Day Growth Accelerator so you can quickly get on the path to doubling your sales. Generate more leads by making sure your marketing works. Execute "the fortune is in the follow-up." Convert more leads and never let a lead slip through the cracks...ever again. Spend more time on revenue-generating activities and less time on administrative/marketing tasks.

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