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Even if you have the best products and/or services,

you will leave a ton of profit on the table if you don't maximize your sales and marketing activities.

It's a fact -- businesses that manage/control their most important sales and marketing activities (like reviews/reputation, referrals, repeat customers, sales pipelines, and communication/nurturing) thrive in the marketplace. At William & Hill, you'll get a complete system to make sure that you’re getting it right.

  • 5-Step Revenue Growth & Client Retention System customized for your business.
  • Get access to world-class group coaching, customer support, tutorials, and much more!
  • Stop wasting time and money trying to learn it all yourself.
  • Manage your entire sales and marketing process in 5 powerful steps.
  • Turn your business into an ROI machine using our customized and powerful software.
  • Get more customers from Google and manage your entire customer feedback with one simple form.

Get control over your sales and marketing, stop wasting time and money, and get expert coaching from our experts to make sure you and your team have got it right.

It's time you started managing your sales and marketing

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Growth, revenue , and profit

Get control. Start maximizing your time and money.

Your 5-Step Revenue Growth & Client Retention Machine Includes:

  • How to control your reputation (how people feel about you and what they are saying about you)
  • How to systematize, centralize, and automate your entire sales and marketing process so leads never fall through the cracks again and you build better/stronger relationships with your prospects and customers (journey from stranger to customer)
  • The first impression you give visitors online (7 fundamentals of digital marketing)
  • How to maximize your R.O.M.I.T. (referrals, repeat customers, reactivation, and nurturing)
  • How you scale your business (advertising and retargeting)

How do you know if you need our 5-Step Revenue Growth & Client Retention System?

Consider the questions below and then take our 3-minute free assessment quiz to be sure.

  • Do you have a predictable and automated strategy for getting customer feedback and 5-star reviews?
  • Do you have a predictable and automated strategy for getting referrals and "loving on" your best customers?
  • Do you have a system for systematizing, centralizing, and automating virtually your entire sales and marketing process?
  • Do you maximize your ROI on every marketing dollar and minute spent BEFORE you spend a penny on paid advertising?


Yes! In fact, we have the best guarantee on the planet! It is so good, it has its own name...GUARANFREE. Our 6-point guaranfree not only offers a 30-DAY "no questions asked" money back guarantee, we also have a referral program that gives you a 20% cumulative discount for every referral who becomes a William and Hill client! Refer one client, get 20% off. Refer 5 clients, get your services FREE! Discounts apply for as long as your referral(s) are our part of our family. Discount applied for "like services." Refer more than 5 clients? Get awesome gifts!!

Our 5-step system come with 3 users. Additional users are $59 per mo.

No. This is a complete machine that systematizes, centralizes, automates, and manages your entire sales and marketing process including your most important marketing activities most of us neglect or even ignore like referrals, repeat customers, prospect and client nurturing/communication, customer feedback, and reputation management. Once this machine gets going full steam, there will be nothing stopping it and you from dramtically higher profits! We use complex technology that includes CRM features. But, for us, the term CRM symbolizes where prospects and customers go to die.

No, but we do help you "coordinate" Dennis Yu's proven "Dollar a Day" 3x3 Facebook Ads campaign (that we use ourselves). Think of us as your digital marketing coordinator. We can also refer (and sometimes strategically partner with) proven tactical marketers to provide "best in breed" tactical services (SEO, copywriting, logo creation, etc). We vet these marketers so you don't have too.

"It's working! Got a lead, quick call, put into system and it was done. Totally automated."

Andrew L. Business Owner

"It has systematized and leveraged my business so I can scale. It's really working!"

Breanne S. Business Owner

"I just took my first prospect through the process... It's fantastic!"

Kevan H. Business Owner

"Working with William & Hill and the team has been a game-changer for me."

Shonah J. Business Owner

"Your passion for this stuff is obvious and it shows how much you care about what you do."

Wayne T. Business Owner

"I would literally be having a fitness yard sale if it wasn't for your help."

Brienne L. Business Owner

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