Is Business A

4 Letter Word?

Welcome to our Room and Club @ Clubhouse (Club is waiting approval) Sponsored By ActionCOACH.

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  • Breanne Salcedo - Your host and Certified ActionCOACH. Empowering clients to create a legacy never thought possible.
  • Andrew Lamb - Certified ActionCOACH, Senior director roles at Fortune 500 Company.
  • Scott Hill - 25 year Vet of small business ownership. Columbia University Grad. Founder, William & Hill
  • Josh Lewis - 2x Business Owner. Director of Biz Dev, William & Hill


  • Entrepreneurs and business owners dedicated to understanding and implementing the really important 4 letter words of business (List, Lead, Time, Cash, Team, Plan, KPIs, Tech, Base, and Sell).


  • The Clubhouse App


  • Monday - Thursday: 9:30am & 9:30pm CT
  • Name of Room/Club? "Business Is A Four Letter Word"


  • Conversation, engagement, interviews, and more designed to find proven strategies from all around the world.
  • Live Topic Driven discussion, Q & A, Networking, etc around the 4 Letter Words of Business. We want as much participation as possible so we've got a 30 second comment rule with a "keep going" option for people who have great comments.
  • Open the Clubhouse App and search for our room/club or follow @williamandhill


  • We’ve discovered that an overwhelming number of small business owners battle “The Chicken or The Egg” paradox every day. In our experience (as both marketers and professional business coaches), we see 2 problems over and over again. Business owners do not get enough leads AND/OR don’t convert leads and keep customers because of a variety of hard to solve operational challenges. It's a never ending "argument of which comes first, the chicken (operations) or the egg (marketing)? The answer is both. We teach skills, strategies, methods, and tactics so you can win this battle consistently.

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