It's pretty simple. You get a percentage of the course fees when you refer someone who signs up for one of our paid courses. 

We offer a VERY high paying and very competitive commission of 35% of all revenue we generate from one of your referrals. 

For example, if you refer someone who signs up for our "How to Buy or Sell Virtually ANY Small Business" course, you'll receive $348 (minus nominal credit card fees, teachable.com platform fees, and discounts/coupons available). 

To Join Us, follow these directions (DON"T FORGET ABOUT STEPS 4-9):

  1. Click on this link
  2. In the upper right corner, click on the "Sign Up" button.
  3. Complete the sign up form.
  4. After signing up, click on the "contact" link (either from the profile dropdown or the left nav).
  5. In the subject line, type "Join Affiliate Program"
  6. In message area, briefly describe your affiliate experience and how you plan to market our courses, add any questions, info you desire, etc. 
  7. Send email.
  8. Allow 24-48 hours for us to approve your request. 
  9. Once approved, you'll have access to your affiliate link, dashboard, etc. 

High Paying Affiliate Program FAQ:

  • Where do customers sign up? Here's the landing page for our 3 courses. 2 are paid. One is free. If someone signs up for the free course, then signs up for a paid course, you'll get paid!
  • Why our high paying affiliate program? Because we offer fantastic commissions. Because we provide a service millions of entrepreneurs/aspiring business owners need.  Because we offer a service millions of existing business owners need.
    Did you know? Less than 30% of ALL small business owners will get any real value for their businesses?!
    Did you know less than 10% of those who say they want to own their own business ever will?
    Why? Because they don't have a plan. They don't understand how to value a business. They don't follow a proven process.
    Existing and aspiring business owners currently have the option to figure out how to buy or sell their businesses themselves or use a business broker who'll charge tens of thousands of dollars IF he/she can sell the business. Our course is designed to teach them to do it themselves! They'll have a plan. They'll know the value of the business they either want to sell or buy. They'll follow a proven process. 
  • Do you offer marketing materials? Yes. please email us from inside the affiliate area and request what you are looking for. We're happy to provide it if at all possible. 
  • Can I make my own marketing materials? No. All marketing materials must be approved by us.  However, if you have suggestions, we're happy to consider them. Email us through the affiliate dashboard and we'll see what we can do!
  • Can I offer discounts/coupons?
    Possibly. If appropriate, we may approve you to use coupon/discount codes. For more information, email us from within the dashboard.