About Us

For the past 25+ years, we've been helping small business owners grow and sell their businesses.

Business Broker Services

Why Tennessee, Western New York, New York City, and the Furniture Industry?

  • Scott Hill, our founder, has lived in Tennessee for over 20 years. He has raised his family here. He's also built and sold 3 of his own businesses here.
  • He grew up in Western New York and went to Williamsville South High School.
  • He went to Columbia University (where he played football) and worked in New York City for 5 years.
  • He personally founded, operated, and successfully sold his own furniture company.

Digital Marketing Platform

Why large business groups and mortgage brokers?

  • We build custom digital marketing solutions for large business groups (franchises, dealer networks, etc.) so we can leverage common marketing strategies more cost effectively. In other words, we can offer custom solutions for less money than other agencies can.
  • We help mortgage brokers generate exclusive leads and appointments (using our all-in-one digital marketing platform and communication system without charging expensive retainer fees or upfront onboarding fees.

William & Hill, LLC

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